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The island of La Digue is just 20 minutes boat ride from Praslin island in the Seychelles.

Oxcart is the main method of transport because cars are restricted. This leads to a particularly relaxed environment, making La Digue the perfect Seychelles island for kicking back and doing nothing.

Accomodation on la Digue, Seychelles

La Digue Island Lodge is a good example of the standard of accommodation that can be found on the Seychelles. The resort has some beautiful 'A'-frame chalets built in a traditional seychelles manner. Air conditioning is a standard and electrical points are always available. If you need extras such as internet access, do ask in advance as these are not yet available in all rooms.

Facilities on la Digue, Seychelles

There is a swimming pool with an in-pool bar and a splendid sandy floored sea-facing restaurant. The food is a wide ranging menu, but the local dishes are the ones to really indulge in. La Digue Island Lodge offers free daily snorkeling boat excursions to all guests.

Other options include sunset cruises, island visits, PADI Scuba diving courses, fishing trips, helicopter flights, bicycle rental and the usual range of sports and fitness options.

Because La Digue, and indeed all the Seychelles are small isolated islands, the cost of imported goods can be very high. For this reason we recommend that you always look for a vacation resort on La Digue offering an all-inclusive package. You should also read the fine print so you are happy you understand fully what is, and what is not included in the package. This will avoid the chance for disappointments and allow you to really enjoy your seychelles holiday without a care in the world.

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