Seychelles Luxury Villas

The Seychelles has amazing self catering villas and bungalow apartments to rent.

A great alternative to hotel accomodation in the Seychelles is to rent a luxury Villa. There are a number of reasons why this may suit you better than you think.

Firstly renting a luxury villa in the seychelles means added freedom. You are less tied to other people than in a hotel with their routines and set ways. When you rent a villa, it is yours for the week to use as you see fit. The pool never closes, the bar is always open and nobody will ask you to keep the noise down.

Secondly renting a villa can prove to be a bargain. Rental charges for five star accomodation often beat the cost of a 3 or 4 star hotel for the family. If you are looking to visit the Seychelles without breaking the bank, think about renting a villa.

Thirdly villas are often more comfortable than hotels. These are private houses and the owners usually take care to provide guests with an atmospheric environment that is unique, individual and welcoming. Whether you are looking for a traditional secluded thatched bungalow villa by the shore or a sleek chic modern town house, there are private rental styles to suit every taste.

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