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Seychelles scuba vacations

Visitors to the Seychelles really enjoy the Scuba Diving & Snorkeling opportunities. The warm waters, high vis, tropical reef and lack of over development are a great combination of factors enticing scuba divers back year after year.

Which Seychelles islands are good for scuba diving?

Mahe and Praslin have large diving operations and act as a base camp for the liveaboard expeditions to the pristine Aldabra islands, over 1500 miles south of Mahe.

Great Scuba Dives on Mahe

HORSESHOE ROCKS Max depth 12 meters
An easy dive for beginners with pretty rock formations and an abundance of lion fish plus moray eels.

AQUARIUM Max depth 14 meters
Lots of sargent major fish. A great dive for getting amongst a school.

BAY TERNAY MARINE PARK Max depth 19 meters
As the name suggests, bay ternay is protected. It features great corals from 5 metres.

WHALE ROCK Max depth 13 meters
overhangs and archways offer homes for small fish and a couple of resident octopus

DREDGER WRECK Max depth 26 meters
Exactly as the name suggests, an old dredger in a sandy bay.

Sharks congregate 5 miles offshore from Mahé at sandbanks with other peagics.


Great Scuba Dives on Praslin

15m sheer walls and granite boulders. Turtles everywhere

14m Hawksbill turtles, Eagle rays and white tip sharks with a nice swim-through.

More information on Seychelles Scuba Diving

Schools of dolphin are frequently seen swimming and pelagics visit the Seychelles all through the year. Whale Sharks are obviously very popular visitors, but less easily found despite their size. You can almost guarantee that you will get to see impresive parrotfish reef sharks jacks and mackerel. The reefs are heaving with them.

Learn to Scuba dive on Desroches

Desroches Island is particularly suited to beginners who stay safely within the lagoon which is good and shallow. Around Praslin it all gets a bit more adventurous as there are some great drift dives when the currents are running right.

coral and fish

Qualified Dive Schools in the Seychelles

All the dive schools on Mahe, Praslin and la Digue are members of PADI and show a high standard of professionalism. Diving in the Seychelles is lots of fun and the people seem more environmentally aware than in other locations in the indian ocean.

Get your medical checks done at home as resort doctor's fees can be a bit high and they may not be available on day one of your holiday. There is nothing worse than kicking your heels playing with o rings at the dive centre awaiting the arrival of the doctor.

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